We are writing a diary as if we were one of the convicts that made the journey to Australia on the First Fleet

We have had to learn lots of new skills and knowledge to be able to do this:

  • We had to research and read about who was sent to Australia and what the journey was like
  • We had to look at a good example of a diary so we knew what features to include in our own version.  Including; using personal pronouns to write in the first person, talking to the diary like a real person, sharing our feelings and emotions, using non-standard English and time fronted adverbials to move the action along- clever stuff!
  • We created authentic-looking artwork to illustrate our diary, like the pictures we saw when reading about the First Fleet
  • We had to use some very clever computer skills to be able to transfer photos of our work from the iPads to our school server by sharing an IP address!!!
  • We had to use formatting skills to make an authentic looking writing frame for our diary on Word
  • Finally, we had to put all of these elements together to write our independent diaries!

We used our art work to help with our creative writing this morning

We are creating ink drawings of ourselves in character onboard a prison ship, in the First Fleet on its way to Australia.

This morning we had to add post-it notes to show how our characters would be feeling.  Were they missing home?  How was life onboard ship making them feel?  What were they scared of?  What would Australia be like when they got there?  They look great…

We now need to use those post-it note feelings in our diary writing!

Our first challenge…

We had to work in small teams to decide if some statements about Australia were true or false.  the purpose of the activity was to let me see how much the class already know and spot any misunderstandings they had.  The purpose was also to discuss your opinions with your partners and justify your point of view.  Later in the topic, we shall have a chance to revisit this work and see if there are any statements we would change our mind about.


Welcome to our new topic Year 4…Australia!

New topic and new teacher!  For any parents who have not met me yet, my name is Mr swallow and I shall be working with this class for the rest of this academic year and all the way through Year 5.

Our first topic together is all about Australia…or more specifically ‘”Surviving Australia!”

Here is our planning outline so you and the kids can see what is coming up this half term.  Hopefully, this will help you understand what we are doing about in class and help you ask your child about what they’ve been up to!

Friday afternoon at Birdwell primary


Maxine is proud of her puddings, Reception class are recapping their tricky phonics sounds, Year 1 are doing amazing maths, Year 2 are working in their Maths Challenge books whilst Miss Millington videos them doing their Times table Shootouts, Year 3 are writing in their new Remarkable Writing books, Year 4 are performing movement routines in the hall, Year 5 are in Barnsley on a school visit and Year 6 are learning to teach Mr Swallow how to order  large beer in German!

Just a typical end to our week at Birdwell School.