Test match Victory!!!

Well done to the English “Pommies” for winning our own version of the Ashes. There were only 3 runs difference in the final score and only 1 run separates the teams over their 3 matches!!!!!


it didn’t seem fair to only give 1 team their “Ashes” trophy full of ice pops so wee all had a walk to the shop for some!!!

Maths Measuring Mayhem

Today, we got out the tape measures and ruler for some application of our measuring skills.  We were making “Crocodile Dundee” hats as a start to Unit 3 of our Australia topic:  Surviving the Australians!

We had to accurately measure the circumference of our partner’s head, using a tape measure.  We then had to transfer this measurement to a long strip of cardboard and then measure 20cm intervals along it to make sure that the hat would be the correct height.  After that, we had to rebate 5cm at both the top and bottom.  This gave us a line to work to snip and fold back little sticky tabs for adding the brim and the top!

We found that the more accurately we worked, the easier the project was to put together!  It also gave us plenty of practice using our scissor skills and made us work together as a team because some of the stages needed 3 hands!!!


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Year 4 are taking part in their own version of The Ashes

We have split the class into “Aussies” and “Pommies” and we are playing a 2-day test match for the Ashes trophy.  The real Ashes are the burnt remains of the original wicket…we didn’t fancy playing for that so our ashes trophy is filled with sweets instead!

Our ‘friendly’ practice match was won by the Aussies by just 1 run!  Team captain, Elliot, led his team onto the wicket and made sure they all shook hands with the English team.  Both sides are keen to get on with the test match and see who will win the trophy full of sweets!