What is the most important thing about Christmas?

We are so excited to introduce our new topic! What is the most important thing about Christmas?

Have a look at the topic map to see what we have coming up over the next 4 weeks in our runup to Christmas! 

We have lots of exciting things coming up:
Christmas dinner
Meeting the Grinch!
Christmas traditions
It’s a Christian holiday 


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Challenge 8 – Indiana Jones and the Tunnel of DOOM!

We are going to risk life, limb and laundry on our quest to find the Pharaoh’s relic…behold the tunnel of terror!!!!  Somewhere in all of the gunk, leaves and creepy crawlies lies the relic that will help us unlock the chest!

The Real Story Behind the McGuffins | Movies | Empire

Can I just say a huge thank you to all of our parents!  Today was so much fun!  The rain didn’t stop us and every single pupil went through the Tunnel of Doom.  We had LOTS of squealing and screaming but all of them had a ball!  Even the ones who were really scared before they went in wanted another go!

Thank you so much for sending their old clothes and allowing us to get them in such a state!  We have been really frustrated that we haven’t been able to take them on a trip to the museum so it gave us the chance to end a truly fantastic topic in a way they will remember!  Thanks again

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Challenge 7 – Cracking the code

The Pharaoh’s ancient stone tablets are littered around the school field.


The children will use all of their finely honed archeology skills to locate the tablets and decipher the hieroglyphs to crack the code.  Once they decode every word and reassemble them in the right order, they will be able to solve the ancient riddle left by the Pharaoh centuries ago…

Why don’t mummies like holidays?

Well done everyone…I think most groups got most of the words (no thanks to the wind and rain doing their best to make all of the clues disappear!!!)  The answer is…

They are afraid they will relax and…UNWIND!

Boom boom!

Thank you for that one Mr Swallow 🙄 

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Challenge 4 – Nile Valley know-how

Here, the children are going to apply their knowledge of the Nile valley and their understanding of the water cycle.

Can the children explain how it all works and links in together to you at home?

We did have another video that we wanted to upload but unfortunately names were mentioned! Ask your child at home if they can retell the water cycle process 🙂 

Nile River Map, Nile River Facts, Nile River History - Journey To Egypt


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Challenge 3 – Indy’s bootcamp


Enter at your own risk! 

This is where the children will be dodging for their lives. The children must enter the bootcamp avoiding all contact with the near impossible tripwires.

Once the wires have been activated the children will be pushing their physical fitness to the limits. They will  be dodging boulders, avoiding spears and crawling through gooey, sticky leaves!

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Being Revamped For 2021 – /Film


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Challenge 2 – Indiana’s leap of faith!

First, the children must complete a daring assault course. They will be applying their PE skills to balance, travel at height, control movement, push their endurance and SURVIVE! 

At the end of the assault course, the children will be presented with a daring leap of faith! Each child will choose the dismount from the apparatus that is suitable for them.

Do they have the courage they need to make it to the Pharaoh’s tomb? Or will they be stopped at this early stage?

Raiders of The Last Crusade | Deja Reviewer

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Challenge 1 – Opening the Pharaoh’s treasure chest!

The Pharaoh’s treasure chest has remained untouched, hidden and locked away for thousands of years. Today, the children are going to attempt to open the chest by completing every challenge in front of them. Will our children manage it? Or will they be struck by the Pharaoh’s curse!? Only time will tell.

Treasure Chest Found in Egypt Reveals Clues to Thutmose II's Lost Tomb |  Ancient Origins

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Creating Authentic Egyptian Flatbread!

Today we learnt all about Ancient Egyptian flatbread called ‘Saboob’. We talked about why the Egyptians ate bread so much and what ingredients they used.

We then looked at a recipe and corrected it so it was in the correct layout for instructions. This included using numbered bullet points and an ingredients list.

In the afternoon we used our edited recipe and worked in groups to create our own flatbread! We worked as part of a team and created some delicious bread to enjoy!

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Designing an Amulet!

Today Year 4 used their designing and clay modelling skills to create an Egyptian Amulet. The class discussed the use of an amulet in ancient Egypt and how these were used in the burial process to protect the Pharaoh in the afterlife!

They also looked at various designs and why the eye was linked to the Egyptian god ‘Horus’.

Here are some of our amazing amulets from today.

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We were really fed up of having nothing to play with in our play area so Mr. Crouch persuaded Mr. Bailey to get his wallet out (YES I KNOW!!!!) and pay for lots of sports equipment, not only just for our class but the WHOLE SCHOOL! Thank you Mr. Bailey and Mr. Crouch.

Now we just have to work on our frisbee skills so Mr. Mathieson doesn’t spend half of his break up and down Sheffield Road collecting them!

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Bringing mummification to the classroom!

Today, our classroom was converted into an Ancient Egyptian museum.

We have written instructions in literacy which were key to the mummification process. We used them to make sure everything was done correctly and in the right order.

Check out some images of the museum.

You could even ask us some questions about the mummification process!

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Indiana Jones PE!

In PE, Mr Crouch has been training us to become fearless explorers, just like Indiana Jones!

We have used different skills and techniques to travel across the hall without touching the floor, otherwise the crocodiles will catch us! We have focussed on maintaining a strong core to help us balance at different heights and angles.

Ask us about the egg Mr Crouch has been hiding!


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