Our first challenge…

We had to work in small teams to decide if some statements about Australia were true or false.  the purpose of the activity was to let me see how much the class already know and spot any misunderstandings they had.  The purpose was also to discuss your opinions with your partners and justify your point of view.  Later in the topic, we shall have a chance to revisit this work and see if there are any statements we would change our mind about.


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20 thoughts on “Our first challenge…

  1. I decided that Australians must speak English because I know some Australians and they speak English.


  2. Not all Australians speak English just like that not all British people speak English but if they do they will have an Australian accent.


  3. This morning we did true and false and one of the questions was is Yorkshire far away from Australia my answer was deftly because there are not in north Yorkshire nor south and it is not west and also not in the east

    by Elliot

  4. I decided that kangaroos must be from Australia because my auntie lives there and she has seen 2 before.

    Alfie D

  5. I decided that Australia is far away from Yorkshire because if you look on a map or a globe it is far away.

    Ellis D

  6. Me Jacob AND MAX did true or false one question was animals dangerous in Australia I said defiantly because loads of people have died there.

    By Bailey

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