Fact to Fancy: Interpreting Information (in style!!!)

As Year 4 walked into the classroom this morning, they were presented with a map of Europe with the outline of Australia overlayed on top.  This was to try and show the sheer size of the country we are learning about.  Working collaboratively in teams, they had to add place names from both Europe and Australia, where the maps overlapped.

We then turned these locations (the “Facts”) into comparative sentences (the “Fancy”).  This is a very tricky task and the children enjoyed being able to do something so grown up!

We turned “Fact” into “Fancy” right there and then in the lesson, starting from just a blank map!

Boom! (As you children apparently say????)

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One thought on “Fact to Fancy: Interpreting Information (in style!!!)

  1. I was showing my dad the class blog and he was like ‘wow, I bet you worked very hard for this!’ I told him that it took quite a while but he didn’t believe me!!


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