How to argue and debate (part 1)

we have been learning skills that help us present our arguments clearly and debate others’ point of view.  We practiced in class, using our skills to debate important issues, such as: Should we have to wear a school uniform?  Should we have homework?  Should we begin the school day earlier or later?

The children split into 2 teams to decide on what their arguments should be and then debate the issue with the other team.

The skills were:

  • Be polite, show the other person you have listened to their point of view (using phrases such as, “That’s a good point, but…”  “I see what you mean, however…”  “I agree with you, but have you considered…”)
  • Try to anticipate what the other team will say and beat them to it (“I imagine you thing we need homework to do well but…”  “Some people say we shouldn’t have to wear a uniform but…”)

Hopefully, these phrases may sound familiar to our parents because our homework is to go home and win an argument (or friendly debate) using our new-found powers of persuasion!

So if your dinner conversation tonight begins with, “Mum, I really appreciate you want me to eat healthily and that’s because you care, but…”  then don’t worry…your child is just doing their homework!


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