Propaganda Posters

Our new Unit is all about persuasion and influence.  We have begun by looking at the way Propaganda Posters were used in WW2 to influence people’s attitudes and opinions.  We looked at the tricks that the poster makers had used and pinched them to use in posters of our own.

We split into 2 groups…1 group who wanted people to rise up against the White Witch (by making her seem either evil or incompetent and easy to beat) and 1 group who were on the side of the White Witch (and therefore either wanted to make the Witch look good or make her enemies look foolish).  See if you can spot the ways we have tried to influence you…

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One thought on “Propaganda Posters

  1. This is a really good skill to teach the children and I have noticed my child trying it out at home too. Sometimes it even works……..

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