Lancelot digital artwork

We applied the pencil and ink line drawing techniques we learned in unit 1 to create our own portrait of Sir Lancelot, the heroic knight of the round table.

We let ourselves go crazy with sketching pencil, putting as many lines on the page as we wanted and re-doing lines that were not quite right over and over again.  When we were happy, we switched to ink and picked out only the best of the pencil lines, removing the rest with a rubber.

We used a combination of coloured pencil and coloured ink to create areas of light and shade in the portrait and then added bright highlights by removing patches of colour with the rubber (we wanted Lancelot’s sword and armour to glisten in the sun like it does in our poem!)

Then we got all digital…

Mr Swallow took photos of all of our art using an SLR camera.  We used several steps to then manipulate this image:

  • We imported the image into Paint and masked out any background from the character.
  • We copied the masked out character to the clipboard for use later
  • We used a google search to find a comic style background that complemented what we wanted our image of Lancelot to communicate.
  • We inserted the online image into word and then pasted our Lancelot cut out over the top.
  • We then used our ninja-like word skills to alter the position & colouring and remove any background colours to combine both pictures into our own, digital piece of artwork.
  • FINALLY, we added a direct quote from the poem that had inspired our idea of what Lancelot should look like in our artwork


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