The end of the strangest term ever!!!!!

Well kids, it’s here at last…the end of what has been a really difficult time for all of you and hopefully the last day you have not been allowed to attend school.

I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of you and all of your wonderful parents and carers for your hard work.  You have made the best of a bad situation and you have often been the best bit of my lockdown experience because of the way you have shared your work and your adventures at home.  I only actually got to be your teacher for a little over 8 weeks but I will miss you all very much.  Mr Bennett is very lucky to be getting you all back in September and I know he will get you all working hard and making progress really quickly.

I’ve made lots of mistakes as I’ve learned how to set up distance learning (like forgetting to put the time of meetings, having Zooms that turn off halfway through, accidentally videoing my kitchen instead of the quiz!!!!!!)  However, you have helped me through and made it all worthwhile!  So one more big thanks and enjoy your summer.


If you would still like to create content for our blog and work on our topic then I have posted some ideas for other activities and units related to our topic that you may wish to have a go at.  I’ve tried ti make sure I have covered a range of subjects from sport to music.  I also recommend using the Oak Academy resources.


I have been using them at home with my own children and I’ve found them to be pitched at the right level of difficulty and also organized to plan activities in a very similar way to what I would do.

All the best for Year 5.

Mr Swallow

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