Challenge 8 – Indiana Jones and the Tunnel of DOOM!

We are going to risk life, limb and laundry on our quest to find the Pharaoh’s relic…behold the tunnel of terror!!!!  Somewhere in all of the gunk, leaves and creepy crawlies lies the relic that will help us unlock the chest!

The Real Story Behind the McGuffins | Movies | Empire

Can I just say a huge thank you to all of our parents!  Today was so much fun!  The rain didn’t stop us and every single pupil went through the Tunnel of Doom.  We had LOTS of squealing and screaming but all of them had a ball!  Even the ones who were really scared before they went in wanted another go!

Thank you so much for sending their old clothes and allowing us to get them in such a state!  We have been really frustrated that we haven’t been able to take them on a trip to the museum so it gave us the chance to end a truly fantastic topic in a way they will remember!  Thanks again

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