Nora Batty and Compo Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Well!  I asked for it!  I did!

I asked my pupils to pretend to be Nora Batty or Compo and write a recipe for making Yorkshire puddings ‘in character.’  AND…they did!

We had some creative suggestions from our Compos!  Such as “spitting in the pan” if you have no oil or “nicking the eggs from under a chicken!”

As for the Nora Battys, they were constantly recommending “Whacking Compo with their broom” and keeping an eye out for him trying to “snog” you!!!

They were great fun and (as well as staying in character) did actually manage to write a recipe that used the features they had identified.

Well done Year 4, that was a VERY independent piece of writing.

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Yorkshire Pudding Recipe Challenge

We have written plenty of recipes with Mr Swallow before (Egyptian Saboob bread, Spaghetti Carbonara and our amazing Regional pizzas!)  So, Mr Swallow decided that we were ready for a recipe writing challenge!  He gave us this Yorkshire Pudding Recipe:

  • Get 2 eggs, 80g of flour & 100ml of milk
  • Mix it together

Cook it in the oven for around 20 mins

That was it!  It was a rubbish recipe!  He didn’t use time order words, bossy words, adjectives or adverbs!  Terrible.  He gave us just 1 lesson where he reminded us what features a recipe should have and then told us we would be writing our own with no help.

We know what you’re thinking, that is tricky but not that hard.  Well, that’s not all!  Meet Compo and Nora Batty…

Long-awaited memorial to Last of the Summer Wine star Compo could be just  weeks away - YorkshireLive

They are the stars of an old Yorkshire TV show and Mr Swallow let us see them in action.  He then challenged us to become either Compo or Nora and, write the recipe AS IF WE ARE THEM!

The Nora Battys would have to make sure that the house was kept clean whilst they worked and also to keep an eye out for Compo sneaking in to pinch ingredients or even a kiss!!!!

The Compos had to be a little creative in the ingredients they used and were, obviously, not too bothered about hygiene standards!

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Yorkshire Pudding making

We have followed a VERY SIMPLE Yorkshire pudding recipe and, of course, we weighed our own ingredients and followed the recipe with our team.  We just needed Mr Swallow and Miss Housley to use the oven and handle the hot trays.

As you can see, the results were amazing!  They tasted fantastic too!


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It’s Arcade Time!!!!

Our machines are built, we’ve wired up the buttons, the paint is dry (almost)…it#s time to open the arcade to the public.

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Work in progress…

Check out how our arcade machines are coming together…

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Welcome To Year 4!!!

Welcome back to school everyone!  Mr. Mathieson and I are very excited to be your teachers for this year.  We have lots of fun in store and know that you guys are going to work really hard for us.  Our first 2 days back are our transition days (these are normally the days you spend getting used to a new teacher and a new classroom).  However, because you already know Mr. Mathieson and me so well and know what we expect of you then we thought it would be a good opportunity instead to finish those arcade game projects we started at the end of Year 3!


Our bubble closures at the end of the school year meant that we have already designed and coded our own scratch games, as well as planned you our arcade machines could look.  Basically, we have completed a full topic, EXCEPT FOR THE BEST PART!!!!  Let’s put that right…our 2-day challenge is to have completed arcade machines READY to use, by TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!!!!

Here is one I did with Syd, in the holiday as a test run…

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End of Topic Roman day!

We had such a brilliant end of topic day celebration, thank you to all of the parents that helped make this happen!

We really enjoyed dressing up in our Roman attire and heading down to the field to hunt the Celt (thanks, kids!!)

In the afternoon, we were split into small groups and sampled some famous pizzas from around Italy, we even got to wash them down with some delicious dessert, tiramisu (yum!)

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Roman buildings

This week, we have brought Ancient Rome to life in our classroom!

Doesn’t the spring water look inviting in the baths?


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Building our ships

We had so much fun building our ships.

There was a lot of work involved. We used hot glue guns, pva glue, card, art straws, frog tape, tin foil and cardboard… the list goes on.

I can’ wait to see the finished products!

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Our car manufacturing is well underway, will they be spotted cruising up and down Sheffield Road!?

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Check out some of the portraits and even SIMS characters of the teachers we received!

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Creative Christmas Wreaths

Check us out, we have been super creative this week designing and making our own Christmas wreath.

We designed the wreath in our topic books and then we had to go on a hunt on the school field to find all of the necessary items.

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Creating Authentic Egyptian Flatbread!

Today we learnt all about Ancient Egyptian flatbread called ‘Saboob’. We talked about why the Egyptians ate bread so much and what ingredients they used.

We then looked at a recipe and corrected it so it was in the correct layout for instructions. This included using numbered bullet points and an ingredients list.

In the afternoon we used our edited recipe and worked in groups to create our own flatbread! We worked as part of a team and created some delicious bread to enjoy!

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Designing an Amulet!

Today Year 4 used their designing and clay modelling skills to create an Egyptian Amulet. The class discussed the use of an amulet in ancient Egypt and how these were used in the burial process to protect the Pharaoh in the afterlife!

They also looked at various designs and why the eye was linked to the Egyptian god ‘Horus’.

Here are some of our amazing amulets from today.

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Making our own ink!!

This afternoon, we will use some very common household ingredients to make our own ink and quill.

We shall use our ink to draw a portrait of one of the characters from the highwayman on Wednesday.

The ink making and the art lesson will be both be online lessons through Zoom.  I will start the connection from 1:15 both days for you to log in.

Tuesday 1:30pm ink making lesson

Zoom Meeting ID: 951 3096 3816

Password:  ink

You will need:  salt, vinegar, a few handfulls of dark berries such as blueberries or blackberries.  (You can make other coloured ink with the appropriate color berry or veg!)  You will also need either a fine sieve, muslim cloth or old babric to strain them through.

If you would also like to make a quill, you will need a feather or a thin straw and some scraps of paper & glue.


Wednesday 1:30 portrait drawing

Meeting ID: 990 7137 5354

Password:  art

You will need:  paper (preferably a3 art paper but whatever you have will work!) your home-made ink, either a stick of charcoal or some ash (you can just have an adult light a few matches and let them burn out, they work just as well)

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Tasting the parkin

Was it sticky enough to stick Brigg’s mouth together? Well…some were!  We were amazed at how we could all start with the same recipe and ingredients and make such different trays of parkin!!!


They all had one thing in common…they were gorgeous!!! (No, really!)  So we sat, reading Danny the Champion of the World and munching parkin…life was good in Year 4 this aft’!

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Anyone for parkin?

We read a great story in our Yorkshire Folktales book.  The legend told us how Filey Brigg was created when Brigg the dragon was tricked into eating a huge bowl of sticky Yorkshire parkin and drowned in the sea!

At the end of the story was a recipe for parkin, well…we just had to make some didn’t we?

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Christmas craft fair

We made lots of wonderful crafts to sell at the Christmas Market.  Thank you so much to all of the wonderful parents and family who came and bought our work.  The fair made lots of money which helps pay for all the wonderful craft materials we use throughout the year!


Thank you!

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Stained-glass masterpieces

Our stained glass windows are up in the classroom.  Each window represents a scene from The Lion, The witch and The Wardrobe.  Just like the Easter Iconography we investigated, the images convey ideas and themes from the story…

Can you see the window that is half Aslan and half Edmund on the stone table?  This represents the idea that Aslan sacrificed himself for Edmund!

How about the scene showing Aslan’s resurrection.  The sun symbolically shining on the new day/new life?

Several children split their depiction of the White Witch in half, representing the 2 sides to her character!


Very deep thinking everyone, well done!

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