Birdwell Explorers

We took our overhead maps of Birdwell and set off on foot to see what we could add.  There are so many businesses and special locations in our village that it’s quite surprising when you note them all down!

We also had some areas of our map that were incomplete so we had to ‘fill in the blanks.’

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Archery time!

Today, we have had a belter of a time! We have been practising our archery skills, we even used a real bow to shoot the arrows!

Check out the images below to see us in action.

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A Monday morning treat!

Elise, from Barnsley Music Services, came to see us this morning.  She demonstrated some of the instruments that she teaches children how to play and told us about how they work.  SHE WAS AMAZING!!!!

If you would like to sign up for lessons, let us know.

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End of Topic Roman day!

We had such a brilliant end of topic day celebration, thank you to all of the parents that helped make this happen!

We really enjoyed dressing up in our Roman attire and heading down to the field to hunt the Celt (thanks, kids!!)

In the afternoon, we were split into small groups and sampled some famous pizzas from around Italy, we even got to wash them down with some delicious dessert, tiramisu (yum!)

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Roman buildings

This week, we have brought Ancient Rome to life in our classroom!

Doesn’t the spring water look inviting in the baths?


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Roman portraits

Our art skills have come on such a long way!

The children should be very proud of themselves for the amazing work they have produced, they look like actual photos!

Year 4, can you spot yours?

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The SHINING STAR of the Half Term

Well, today wraps up the first half term and here is out shining star of the half term!

Well done – 7 children were nominated out of 204, what an achievement Mr! This is something to be proud of :mrgreen:

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Easter Egg hunt


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Our car manufacturing is well underway, will they be spotted cruising up and down Sheffield Road!?

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Check out some of the portraits and even SIMS characters of the teachers we received!

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This was a very thorough inspection of the house!

Well, Birdwell’s chief fire inspector turned up at this house and put the grown ups through a very thorough, formal inspection.


Fortunately, the grown ups have done a superb job and passed the inspection. The inspector sent a report in the post to let the grown ups know the outcome.



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Some pieces of work from the week commencing 4.01.21

Here are some snaps of the work that has been completed this week.

We are so proud of you guys, keep it up!

Mr Mathieson and Miss Housley

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Creative Christmas Wreaths

Check us out, we have been super creative this week designing and making our own Christmas wreath.

We designed the wreath in our topic books and then we had to go on a hunt on the school field to find all of the necessary items.

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Working on our Dr Seuss biography

This week, we have been learning about Dr Seuss – we have started writing a biography about his life.

We enjoyed reading our drafted versions to each other, it was helpful as we spotted mistakes in our sentence structure so we were able to green pen our edits in! 

I can’t wait to see the final product.

Mr Mathieson

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What is the most important thing about Christmas?

We are so excited to introduce our new topic! What is the most important thing about Christmas?

Have a look at the topic map to see what we have coming up over the next 4 weeks in our runup to Christmas! 

We have lots of exciting things coming up:
Christmas dinner
Meeting the Grinch!
Christmas traditions
It’s a Christian holiday 

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Challenge 8 – Indiana Jones and the Tunnel of DOOM!

We are going to risk life, limb and laundry on our quest to find the Pharaoh’s relic…behold the tunnel of terror!!!!  Somewhere in all of the gunk, leaves and creepy crawlies lies the relic that will help us unlock the chest!

The Real Story Behind the McGuffins | Movies | Empire

Can I just say a huge thank you to all of our parents!  Today was so much fun!  The rain didn’t stop us and every single pupil went through the Tunnel of Doom.  We had LOTS of squealing and screaming but all of them had a ball!  Even the ones who were really scared before they went in wanted another go!

Thank you so much for sending their old clothes and allowing us to get them in such a state!  We have been really frustrated that we haven’t been able to take them on a trip to the museum so it gave us the chance to end a truly fantastic topic in a way they will remember!  Thanks again

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Challenge 7 – Cracking the code

The Pharaoh’s ancient stone tablets are littered around the school field.


The children will use all of their finely honed archeology skills to locate the tablets and decipher the hieroglyphs to crack the code.  Once they decode every word and reassemble them in the right order, they will be able to solve the ancient riddle left by the Pharaoh centuries ago…

Why don’t mummies like holidays?

Well done everyone…I think most groups got most of the words (no thanks to the wind and rain doing their best to make all of the clues disappear!!!)  The answer is…

They are afraid they will relax and…UNWIND!

Boom boom!

Thank you for that one Mr Swallow 🙄 

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