Thank you for being a friend!

This half term we have been discussing what makes a good friend and how we can be better friends. The class were asked to choose friends to be photographed with it was so lovely to see friends coming together.

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Christmas craft fair

We made lots of wonderful crafts to sell at the Christmas Market.  Thank you so much to all of the wonderful parents and family who came and bought our work.  The fair made lots of money which helps pay for all the wonderful craft materials we use throughout the year!


Thank you!

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Stained-glass masterpieces

Our stained glass windows are up in the classroom.  Each window represents a scene from The Lion, The witch and The Wardrobe.  Just like the Easter Iconography we investigated, the images convey ideas and themes from the story…

Can you see the window that is half Aslan and half Edmund on the stone table?  This represents the idea that Aslan sacrificed himself for Edmund!

How about the scene showing Aslan’s resurrection.  The sun symbolically shining on the new day/new life?

Several children split their depiction of the White Witch in half, representing the 2 sides to her character!


Very deep thinking everyone, well done!

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Comparing stories

We compared the Easter story to our class book.  We noticed very similar themes and ideas in both Narnia and ancient Jerusalem!  (Hopefully, this explains why I am covering the Easter story with the children in November!!!!)

We saw that the central theme of the story is one of sacrifice for people in your care.  We saw that this sacrifice led to the resurrection because people had faith in their ‘hero’.  We even saw similarities in the locations of the story and the way in which the hero died!

The kids were brilliant at spotting these links and created a booklet comparing the 2 stories!

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Religious iconography

We looked at icons that told the Easter story. The pictures all had a similar style. We noticed that:

  • some of the people had a gold circle around their head (Mr Swallow explained this represented their halo)
  • the pictures had rich, strong colours
  • the people tended to always look to the side
  • the scene in the paining wasn’t “real” it had other elements from later in the story in it.  Mr Swallow explained that the scene was a representation of lots of elements or ideas from the story

we decided to use this style to create our own representation of a scene from the Easter story.

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