Wednesday – 20.01.21

Today’s timetable:


  • Reading: sinister vocabulary.
  • Literacy: paragraph two using our sinister vocabulary.
  • Maths: multiply and divide by 6.


  • Reading: Pompeii prediction


Here is that wonderful opening chapter of the BFG again, The Witching Hour!

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Yesterday, we highlighted and discussed Dahl’s use of sound in the text.  He pointed out all of the sounds that were missing from Sophie’s bedroom and this created a mysterious, creepy atmosphere.  Today, we are going to look at a different trick he has used, the sinister vocabulary he has selected.

Activity 1:

Read the text, and highlight or list any vocabulary that is scary, sinister, creepy or just plain old not nice!

Discuss:  What effect does this have on the reader?

Activity 2:

Choose an item or natural element from around your home (a picture, the radiator, the central-heating boiler, a patch of sunlight) and describe it to us or tell us what it is doing using sinister vocabulary.

Here is my example:

I sat there in the corner of the room, menacingly watching everything I did with it’s blinking digital eyes and it’s toothy grill.  Each time I managed to forget it was there, it reminded me with a sudden roar of flame that made all of the radiators in the house clank and applaud how it had made me jump.  I hate our heating boiler!



So, we can see that Roald Dahl has used sinister vocabulary in The witching Hour.  Let’s see how that is going to help us write paragraph 2 of our story…

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Today, you are multiplying and dividing by 6. Please make sure to watch the White Rose video before attempting your worksheets as they really help! This is a build up on your multiplication skills, remember you need to know ALL of your times tables by the end of Year 4. 

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Worksheet download

Make sure you mark your work Year 4 :mrgreen: 

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Answers download

Reading – Vocabulary and Prediction

Yesterday, we had a first look at our guided reading book, Escape from Pompeii. Your task was to find the definition of the words highlighted from the book. Please watch the video below where I share the definitions of the words and you can also use it as a cross reference to make sure your definitions are correct. 

Today’s session is based upon prediction. You are going to predict what the book is going to be about using the front cover and the blurb. Please watch the video below.

I have also attached an image of the front cover and the blur to the blog so you can have a look at them as full size images.

D&T:  Volcano making

Think about the size and shape of the main container you will use.

  • If it’s too big, the exciting stuff will happen inside the bottle and not erupt out
  • If it’s too small then you won’t be able to get enough ingredients in the bottle!
  • A container with a wide brim will let the reaction out too quickly and the volcano will on;y last a second or two
  • A bottle with a tight spout should make for a great eruption but it will be harder to get the ingredients in quickly!

Tomorrow, miss Housley will teach you about the reason your ingredients will react and you will see lots of examples of it happening!  For your shooping list, choose one of the following shopping lists!

List A

Vinegar, baking soda, food colouring (optional)

List B

Cola, mint Menthos sweets, food colouring (optional)

List C

(This is an extra naughty option for Faith as she told me she has alredy tried the other two combinations!)

Beer!  (told you it was naughty!)  Mint Menthos sweets, food colouring (optional)

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