8.2.21 Monday- End of topic

End of Topic

We have reached the end of our online topic, Danger Zone, Planet Earth!  During the topic we have learned about what a really dangerous place that Earth can be.  We have covered:

  • The climate zones that exist on Earth, from the freezing arctic to the red-hot deserts, planet Earth can kill you in minutes just by standing in the wrong location!
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanoes
  • Tsunamis and floods
  • Wildfire!

We have also covered some important literacy skills:

  • Direct Retrieval from reading, using exact quotes from the text in our answers
  • Formal & informal language
  • Features of a newspaper article
  • Using speech marks and quotes in writing
  • Letter writing
  • Paragraphing in narrative writing, grouping similar content and related events in the same paragraph and building towards a conclusion

I’m sure you will agree that we live on a very hazardous planet!  As always, we shall end our topic by applying what we have learned.  (For the grown ups at home, this means that we will now choose which of these skills to use and try them out completely independently in a piece of work.

Breaking News!!!

Alien Arrives at Birdwell Primary School!

Fortunately, Look North had sent their TOP reporter to get to the bottom of this incredible story…

Writing Challenge

You are going to apply your knowledge about the features of newspapers to create your own newspaper article, telling everyone about this historic event!  REMEMBER,  this is a challenge to see what you can remember about writing a newspaper!  We know your grown-ups will want to have a go but tell them NO!  This is your newspaper, it is up to you to decide:

  • The layout (what will the page look like?  What will you include?  Where will everything go?)
  • The features (will you have a headline?  Will the writing be in columns?  It’s up to you!)
  • The content (Can you remember what belongs in the opening paragraph?  Can you remember how to include quotes from eye-witnesses?)

You can certainly keep showing your work to a grown-up and asking them what they think but we want the work to be your ideas, your spellings, your punctuation and your presentation!)  Take pride, use your line guide and best handwriting and show us what you can do!

Topic Challenge

Who is this mysterious alien?  Where is he from?

We would like you to design, colour and label what you think the alien will look like!  Tomorrow, you will be finding out all about WHY the alien has come to visit Earth and then completing your FINAL challenge of this topic!  Mr. Mathieson and I will be visiting everyone and collecting in all of the topic work from this half-term and giving you a fresh book for the next one.  It may take us a couple of days to get around everyone’s homes but we are looking forward to seeing you all and what you have done!



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