Friday – 08.01.21

Today’s timetable:


  • Literacy: Writing about how animals have adapted to different climate zones.
  • Maths: Perimeter of rectilinear shapes


Yesterday, we found out how some animals have adapted to the harsh environments in which they live. Today, I would like you to choose an animal that you think has adapted really well to it’s environment.

Your task is to EXPLAIN in paragraphs about how it has done this.  Paragraph 1 could grab your reader’s attention and make them interested in reading about your animal…

Let me tell you about a truly, amazing animal, that has made its home in the world’s hottest desert!

Do you see that I didn’t tell them what the animal is yet?  This makes them want to find out more!

Paragraph 2 should tell them about the environment it lives in…

Picture living in a boiling hot, sandy wasteland in the day and a freezing cold wilderness at night!  Water is difficult to find and food is nearly impossible.  Getting caught without shade will kill most creatures and that’s before the sandstorms and sudden rainstorms start!

I’ve still not told you the name of my creature have I?  You want to know what it is don’t you?  Well, let’s tell them in paragraph 3 and tell them all about how the creature is suited to it’s environment!

How does it’s shape or size help?

Does it’s diet or habits help it survive?

Does it have any special tricks to help it survive?

You could even finish with a question…

Do you know of a creature that has adapted perfectly to the environment in which it lives?

I can’t wait to see these in your Home Learning topic books!  Remember to use your line guide, write in your best handwriting (starting at the margin), leave a line blank in-between each paragraph.  Take the same amount of care and pride that you do for me in class!  You could finish your page with a beautiful, labelled drawing of your creatures, pointing out it’s special features!


Today, we are measuring the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. Watch the video, pause it where you need to. If you want to record any working out you can use your white board OR the BACK of your home learning book. (These can be collected from school) Remember to work neatly.

After the video, here are 2 sheets to try if you would like to apply what you have learned in the video.

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  • Reading: Free reading Friday!


Today is free reading Friday which means you can read any book of your choice!

Can you use oxford owl to read a new book ? The log in details and how to log on are on the tab at the top of the blog to help.

Username: birdwell4   Password: Read (make sure to use a capital R)

Take some time to have a look at the front cover and the blurb, what does it tell you about what the book will be about?

What do you predict this book will be about if you have never read it before?

What was your favourite part of the book and why?

Who was the author/illustrator of the book?

You can even write a mini book review of your book on your thoughts!

Download the book review template or you may want to write one free hand in your exercise book following the example given.

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