Friday – 15.01.21

Today’s timetable:


  • Literacy: writing your diary entry.
  • Maths: divide by 100.


  • Fri-YAY!!!


This week, we have been learning about diary entries. We have identified important features that we should include in our diary entries and planned our writing. Today, I would like you to write your diary entry in full.

I have attached my example diary checklist, you may use this or use your own that you have created this week.

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Diary checklist download

Your task is to write your diary entry in full, I would like to see three paragraphs. 

Paragraph one – introducing the diary

This is where you will introduce the diary, setting the scene and hooking your reader.

The last week has been absolutely horrific. I have never been so terrified in all my life, I can’t quite put it into words but I’ll try my best. You know the feeling you get when you can’t move because you’re that scared? Well yes, that’s how I felt. 

Notice how I haven’t mentioned an earthquake or anything about one? Just set the scene and include those thoughts and feelings you have planned for! 

Paragraph two

This is where you can go into detail and explain what happened. You might even want to do this over two paragraphs so paragraph two and paragraph three. 

It all started when I left the house, something didn’t feel quite right, I couldn’t decide on what it was. The sky felt creepy, it was almost like a night scene due to the black birds circling around and screeching, I was anxious for sure! As I looked down, I noticed a crack appearing in the middle of the street and that’s when it went all wrong…

Notice how I built up the suspense? You may want to write about the earthquake disaster in paragraph three – if not, write about the earthquake in paragraph two, it’s your choice.

Paragraph three

This is the ending of your diary – you could write about the effect it has had on your environment. Here are some questions to think about and prompt your sentences.

What does your town, city or village look like now? 

Have the shops been destroyed? Have the homes been destroyed? 

Are there any standing buildings or have they collapsed?

Have you lost YOUR home?

I can’t wait to read your diary entries when you are back in school. It will be interesting to see who uses three paragraphs or four. Remember to use the checklist throughout and at the end of each paragraph to make sure you are including everything!  


Today, we are dividing by 100. This is the inverse to multiplication. Think about the direction the digits move on a place value column. Again, there is a video for you to watch that explains it really well. Please pause the video and have a go at the questions when is best for you.

Please find your worksheet for the session. If it does not load, then click the link to download it. DO NOT feel pressured to finish every question on the worksheet. 

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Worksheet download


Here are the answers for your work – let me know how you do!

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Answers download

Afternoon – FRI-YAYYYY!!

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