Friday – 29.01.21

Today’s timetable


  • Maths: Factor Pairs
  • SPaG: Proof reading


  • FRI-YAYYYY – Miss Housley’s BINGO BANANZA!!


Today’s maths session is factor pairs. There is a video, worksheet and answer sheet for the session. Please make sure you watch the video before your worksheet as it explains the session really well, I can’t stress how important it is to watch the video before the worksheet. The video will ask you to have a go at certain questions on the sheet, make sure you have a go at these. 

Have a go at the questions on the worksheet, don’t feel too pressured to complete everything.

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Worksheet download

Mark the questions you have a go at, Year 4.

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Answers download




So far, we have written our newspaper article over 4 days, a section at a time.  Now it is time to check it is ready for publication.  As we have discussed in class, there are 3 levels to our proof-reading.  We usually focus upon the first level, occasionally the second and only a few times in class have we worked at the third.  Guess what?  Today we are doing all 3!

3 levels of proof-reading:

  • check for accuracy

Have you missed any punctuation?  Are there any high-frequency words spelled incorrectly from our word list?  Can you spot a spelling pattern we have learned?  Have you made any simple mistakes?

  • check for effect

Can you improve any of the vocabulary?  Is there a better way of saying a sentence?  Have you thought of something new?

  • check for consistency

Does the text work together?  Read it from start to finish!  Does it suddenly change tense or person?    Does it all belong together and tell a story or are there bits missing that need explaining better?

Magnifying glass - Wikipedia

We are going to discuss this in our TEAMS meeting this morning.




Miss Housley is presenting a Bingo Bonanza Game this afternoon on Zoom @ 1:30pm!

You will need your PE kit (or something to exercise in) and a whiteboard and whiteboard pen or a paper and pen to write your 9 numbers on!


Meeting ID: 957 8847 6114
Passcode: bingo

Get Bingo Party HD - Microsoft Store en-GB

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