Thursday – 04.03.21 WORLD BOOK DAY!!

Our last day of online learning and registers, we really can’t wait to have you back in school! 

Today’s time table


  • World Book Day activities


  • PE
  • Finishing off time 😎

Today, marks World Book Day! World Book Day is a charity event held annually (every year) in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the first Thursday in March. The event was first celebrated in 1995, over 25 years ago!

This morning’s activities are going to be based around World Book Day. We are going to promote a love for reading for pleasure, something that we do really well in school at Birdwell.

Please find activities below. You do not have to complete all of the activities. Please feel free to select any you wish and make sure send us pictures! :mrgreen:

World Book Day – DEN!! 

Is there a better place to start than creating a DEN!? How creative can you be? Are you going to create a den based on your favourite book? Are you going to create a den based on a different environment, such as a rainforest or a country? Will your dens be pet friendly!? With the amount of animals I have seen on Teams over the course of lockdown learning, it’s safe to say, I think they will be! 

Book review 

This is one of my favourite things to do once you have read a book, a simple, book review! When writing your book review, you do not have to have read all of the book. You may want to review the pages you have read. 

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – book review” viewer=”google” ]

Scavenger hunt

Now we all know how much you guys enjoy a scavenger hunt around the house, however, to celebrate World Book Day, you are going to take part in a scavenger hunt with a twist. Can you collect a bunch of books from around your house, you could use reading books, cooking books, your dad’s newspapers! ANYTHING that you can get your hands on!

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – Scavenger hunt” viewer=”google” ]

World Book Day – creating a character! 

This is an activity that authors always do before writing a story or a written piece of work that includes a character. They plan what they need to know about the characters and writing about so they can really get into the mind of the character.

Can you use the sheet below to help you create your own character for a story?

What will you guys come up with?

  • A wild, barking head teacher
  • A crazy, loonatic teacher
  • An attractive, handsome prince
  • A beautiful, charming princess
  • A pig eating zombie

There are endless possibilities! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – character creation” viewer=”google” ]

Persuasive poster to read your FAVOURITE book

Can you create a World Book Day poster, persuading other children from around the World to read your favourite book?

Make sure you include persuasive language that we have worked on over the past couple of weeks. Your poster must be eye catching, striking and informative!



This afternoon, we would like you to celebrate the end of our online learning with some PE. Below, you will find lots of examples of different activities to take part it. Dancing and physical activity! Choose any of the activities below and make sure you send videos or pictures in 😎

Finishing off time! 

Once you have finished your PE. You may want to use some of your ‘down time’ to complete and upskill any previous work in your topic books. Is everything complete? Are you happy with your presentation? Is it to your highest standard? Are you proud of your topic work?

Use your extra time wisely to upskill anything in your topic books 😎 or if you’re proud of it, simply enjoy the down time and use it as recovery from your intense PE activities! 




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