Wednesday – 03.02.21

Today’s timetable


  • Maths: Written methods for multiplication
  • SPaG: Formal introductions
  • Literacy: Writing paragraph 1


  • Reading: Australian wildfire (Retrieval)
  • Topic: Art portrait


Today’s maths session is written methods for multiplication. There is a video, worksheet and answer sheet for the session. Please make sure you watch the video before your worksheet as it explains the session really well, I can’t stress how important it is to watch the video before the worksheet. The video will ask you to have a go at certain questions on the sheet, make sure you have a go at these. 

Have a go at the questions on the worksheet, don’t feel too pressured to complete everything.

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – worksheet” viewer=”google” ]

Mark the questions you have a go at, Year 4.

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – Answer sheet” viewer=”google” ]


Over the week, you have been looking at formal and informal. You have identified formal and informal language in writing and had a go at converting an informal letter into formal. Today’s session you are going to have a go at formal writing. 

You have recently been employed as a fire fighter and your job is to professionally inform people regarding fire safety in the home. 

We would like you to write a formal introduction paragraph. We will do this as a live session on Teams. Looking at introductions and formal sentences we can use in our writing. Please make sure you have your whiteboard handy 🙂

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – formal and informal recap with introduction paragraph” viewer=”google” ]


Today’s reading is based on a Case study, looking at the Australian bushfires. I spoke to the Year 3 class on Monday and a lot of children recognised this from the News, it was such a big story at the time!

Please make sure you read the article before completing the questions as the answers are in the text, you are independently accessing direct retrieval. In the video, I show the questions and give you a quick reminder how we can use the questions to find the answer we are looking for in the text.

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – reading text” viewer=”google” ]

[embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download – reading questions” viewer=”google” ]

Topic – Portrait drawing

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