Wednesday – 10.02.21

Today’s Time Table


  • Literacy: Writing up the science investigation 


  • Art Challenge! Drawing a teacher!


Yesterday, we had a look at insulators and conductors of heat.

Your job was to run a science investigation to investigate which insulators worked best to maintain the heat of a cup of tea.

We had some brilliant ideas in the chat:

  • Wrapping the mug in a tea towel,
  • Leaving a cup of tea outside in the sun,
  • Wrapping a mug in cling film (covering the top of the mug too)
  • Using tin foil around the mug and even wrapping a scarf around the mug!

For this morning’s writing session we would like you to write up your science experiment.

Remember to include the following: 

Equipment – Tell us what you used! 

  • three mugs
  • milk
  • tea
  • spoons
  • any insulators/ conductors of heat?

Make sure you include everything that you used.

Method – This is where you tell tell the readers/ audience what you did.

To begin with, pick three mugs the same size, this is important as it will make sure the test is a fair test. 

Make sure you explain the method in chronological order, you wouldn’t add a tea bag to the mug at the end of the investigation, would you!?

In your method you may want to add a labelled diagram – remember, these are drawings with labels to add extra information and further understanding to the text.


This is the final idea left with the reader at the end of the experiment. You may wish to reflect on the experiment in this part.

I can conclude the best insulator to maintain the heat of the cup of tea was… 



Can you draw your favourite teacher/ teaching assistant/ staff member in school?

Add in lots of detail and make sure you take your time drawing, don’t rush!

Send these in when they are fully complete.

We cant wait to see them all!


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