Week beginning – 25.01.21


Last week, we concentrated on correctly sizing and forming the CAPITAL letters and numbers.  They are ALL tall characters that STAND UPON the writing line

This week, we would like you to practise the lower case letters, these are the short letters that make up the majority of the alphabet.  They do not reach up to the top of the line, like capital letters or hang below the line.  They are

a c e i m n o r s u v w x z

Use you line guide to help you form they correctly and size them correctly.  Remember that there is an example of how to handwrite our letters on the back of the lineguide we sent you home.  Here is the font we use in school that matches how we form the letters, it’s called ‘boring boring’ or ‘boring joinmed’ if you would like to download it to your laptops at home.


I would like you to read one (or more) of these Natural Disaster themed stories on Oxford reading Owls

To visit the site and log in…


(Remember, our username is Birdwell3 and our password is read)

Click the book to go to read it, once you have logged in…


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