Work submitted from home

On this page, you will find all of the work that has been submitted from home.

Hollie’s work – 11.12.20
Hollie has produced some beautiful work here. Look how gorgeous the presentation is. Well done Hollie, it is great to see the pride you are taking at home.


CS’s work – 11.12.20
CS has written a wonderful menu for the Grinch! I love your layout C, particularly the added information about the food underneath the meal name. 

Isabel’s maths work – 11.12.20 
Well done, Isabel. You have shown a good understanding of converting units of measurement. 

Ruby’s work – 11.12.20
Ruby has drawn an excellent front cover for her menu! She has only used the green and red colours, sticking to Dr Seuss colours! 

Bobby S’s work – 11.12.20
Bobby has drawn in true Dr Seuss style, look at those lines!!

CW’s work – 11.12.20
WOW!!!!! CW has taken this work to the next level and brought it to life! A super well done to your MISS! I can’t wait to share this with everyone! 

Lucas’ work – 11.12.20 and 10.12.20 
Well done, Lucas. I can see you have understood the reading task! Keep up the hard work! 

Demi’s work – 11.12.20 Demi has completed her Grinch menu and only used the colours red and green in true Dr. Seuss style!


RD’s work – 11.12.20 
RD has designed a superb Christmas menu. May I try the wintery sausage and mash?

Bobby S’ work – 11.12.20
Well done, Bobby – you have produced some brilliant work over the past few days. You should be proud of yourself! Once again, ticks all over your maths work, well done! 

Imogen’s work – 11.12.20
Superb work, Imogen! I love the Christmas jumper design and you have listened really well regarding the menu, I can’t wait to see the finished product this afternoon. I must say you don’t come cheap! £4 for a diet coke!?You’ll be rolling in it!

Mia’s work – 11.12.20 Mia has submitted her work for this morning. I’ll take the spectacular Christmas dinner please!

Bobby B’s work – 11.12.20
Bobby has submitted reams of work today, well done Mr, your wrists must be aching from all of the superb work! Keep it up! 

Mason’s work – 11.12.20
Mason has submitted a lot of work! Well done, Mason. You have used some beautiful scientific vocabulary in your science work and understood it really well. 

Isabel’s work – 10.12.20
Superb work, Isabel. You have worked really hard on your work so far this week. I have been very impressed with everything that has been submitted so far! Keep it up, darling! 

Ruby’s work – 10.12.20
Well done, Ruby! Year 4, check out Ruby’s organised plate of food! 

Hollie’s work – 10.12.20
Hollie has used some fantastic powerful adjectives for her literacy work. My mouth is watering at the thought of your menu, Hollie! 

Bobby S’ work – 10.12.20
See below for an example of Bobby’s science work

Jorgie’s work – 10.12.20
Well done, Jorgie. You have managed to include some fronted adverbials in your literacy work too! This is superb as it wasn’t part of the task, you are showing that you can apply them by yourself, keep it up! 

Freya and Maddie’s work – 10.12.20
Well done again, girls! Lots of amazing work has been produced in your household today! Keep it up! 

Poppy’s work – 10.12.20
Poppy has produced some fantastic work today. I am pleased with the accuracy of your spellings in the SPaG work, Poppy – you have clearly concentrated and put a lot of effort in. Well done! 

Mia’s work – 10.12.20
Mia has completed today’s science and reading activity –  well done, Mia 🙂 

Olivia L’s work – 10.12.20
Wow, Olivia! There’s a lot of work here – you have been very busy at home today, keep it up darling. It looks as though you grasped today’s maths well, I hope tomorrow’s maths goes the same!

Bobby S’ work – 10.12.20
Bobby has written some wonderful expanded noun phrases – it is great to see that you have punctuated them correctly too, Bobby! 

FS’s work – 10.12.20

Well done, Francis – your mum and dad have both said how hard you are working from home. Keep it up Mr! 

Imogen’s work – 10.12.20
Imogen has described the pizza as, ‘a golden, bright pizza with drizzling cheese on top’ – I’ll be right back, Imogen, I’m just off to the kitchen! 


Ruby’s work – 10.12.20
Ruby has produced some fantastic work again this morning – her maths and SPaG work, well done, Ruby, YOU ARE ON IT! 

Isabel’s SPaG – 10.12.20
Here is a snippet from Isabel’s SPaG work – I have used this as it was one of my favourites she did. It wasn’t over the top with adjectives so it worked really well. For those who can’t read it, it says ‘beautiful, bright yellow, yummy goodness in this amazing macaroni cheese.’ The yummy goodness is my favourite part! 

Chloe’s SPaG and literacy – 10.12.20
Chloe has come up with some mouthwatering sentences this morning! 

Hollie – 09.12.20
Hollie has done some fantastic work here, lots of content and everything we asked for, well done! I wonder if we could ask Mr Bailey to invest in one of the machines that wrapped the street?

Poppy’s work – 09.12.20
Well done, Poppy – you have done some excellent work here. I am really impressed with the presentation and how you have still used a green pen to mark your work. Very Birdwell Way like! 

Isabel’s work – 09.12.20
Well done, Isabel, I like how you have used your initiative and produced your work on Word too. Mr Swallow (our IT expert) will be impressed with this attitude! 

Maddie and Freya’s work – 09.12.20
Well done, ladies! It is great to see the amount of effort you have both put in on day 1 of working from home – superb stuff! Your cafes sound amazing, I wonder which would get the most business!? 

Ruby’s reading and science work – 09.12.20

Well done, Ruby! I have spoken to your mum and told her how impressed I am with the amount of work you are doing. I would have been very surprised too waking up to lots of wrapping all over the street! 

Chloe’s science work – 09.12.20
Chloe has used some beautiful scientific vocabulary in her work, have a look at her explanations for question 3, well done!

Imogen’s science work – 09.12.20

Well done, Imogen! You have used some wonderful scientific vocabulary in question 3, I’m really impressed 🙂 ! Now, why don’t you hold a piece of chocolate in your hand and see if it REALLY does melt? That’s if you can resist the urge to eat it!

Bobby’s science work – 09.12.20
Well done, Bobby! It looks as though you are a scientist in the making! Have you held a piece of chocolate in your hand for a sustained amount of time? If you haven’t, go and do it now and see what happens! 

Mia’s menu work – 09.12.20
This will definitely come in handy for when you are designing your own menu with Miss Housley, well done Mia! 

Demi’s menu and maths work – 09.12.20
Well done, Demi. You have done a great amount of work here! I would like to try a cheese sandwich please. 

Bobby S’ menu and maths work – 09.12.20
Well done, Bobby. It is great to see you have maintained the quantity of work at home the same as what you produce in the classroom.

Olivia L’s menu work – 09.12.20
Well done, Olivia. Did you spot that subheadings can be an important layout feature for a menu too?

Syd’s menu for Grandma Kath’s Caff and his maths work – 09.12.20
I love the name you have used for the cafe, Syd.
Superb reasoning for question 3a too, Keep it up!

Ruby’s maths and menu – 09.12.20

Isabel’s menu

Imogen’s menu – 09.12.20

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